12 Pounds of Christmas Sweepstakes – Still Time to Enter & Win!!

Congratulations to our Daily Winners:

December 12, 2011: Carrie Adler-Wheeler, Kay Watts, Erica Gitomer, Connie Sutherland, Deanna Leavy Darling, Katie Peters, Gretchen Allen Pahia, Lisa Dillenbeck Duncan, Josh Maynard, Karla Garcia, Rachel Henry and Satoko Silva

December 13, 2011: Amber Anderson, Arnie Wheeler, Cathy Leos, Natasha Bellman, Heather Joiner Pruett, Brent Stofcik, Suzanne Chace, Alyson Hudson, Valerie Carrera, Tammy Miller, Samantha Cahanes and Kareema Chapman

December 14, 2011: Brandi Pettit Walstrom, Tesa Vatcher, Paula Perez, Shelly Curtis, Connie Schwendeman, Mary Calderon, Josh Morgan, Diana Bennett, Dawnmarie Grano Ferrantelli, Kate Hagen, Arnie Wheeler and Joy Gardner Sansom!

December 15, 2011: Kerry Banks, Hazel Darby, Shelley Drew Moore, Kristal Wood-Martin, Melissa Rocha, Sue Picard Pickett, Lee Ann Amo Mitchell, Sherryl Moss Anctil, Della Hicks, Diane Becker, Carrie Mike Hasterok and Melissa Gonzalez!

December 16, 2011: Tanya Heskett Steffen, Connie Sutherland, Traci Marie Anderson, Becca Poulos, Jen Coombs, Jen Cogossi Millhollin, Emily Niblett Carter, Lisa Black, Judy Kolbrener Long, Satoko Silva, Beatriz Chavez and Tiana Keener!

December 17, 2011: Karin Byron, April Burkett, Bridget Ebach, Amanda Terberg, Shirley Peterson, Kim Tederous, Michele Tunnell, Syed Ali, John Henry, Gloria Diaz, June Adams and Allaina Nielsen Lawrence!

December 18, 2011: Erica Gitomer, Sharon Johnson, Ashley Kingston, Kim Paige Reed, Amy L Childs, Jolee Reuscher, Terron Neil Spruill, Danielle Alesha Scott, Julie Garmon, Dee Cindee, Rachel Sweeney and Jenine Gangi!

December 19, 2011: Dee Cindee, Ty Williams, Mariza Says, Frank Boatmen, Sharon Johnson, Laurie Reyes, Becky Mapes Jahnke, Leilani Young, Richard Twark, Tanya Heskett Steffen, Lesly Christensen and Gayle Axelrod Wood!

December 20, 2011: Joseph Gersch Jr., Rob Haas, Maria-Briones Balderaz, Valerie Carrera, Toysehua Veronica, Amy L Childs, Tesa Vatcher, Alyson Hudson, Lisa Black, Shelley Drew Moore, Kim Tederous and Brek Montoya!

December 21, 2011: Maria-Briones Balderaz, Danielle Alesha Scott, Lisa Dion, Rob Haas, Maria-Briones Balderaz, Tabitha Najar Lindberg, Douglas Simpson, Nikita Nik, Danice Troche-Flores, Valerie Carrera, Katie Picklesimer and Ty Williams!

December 22, 2011: Maria DiCrasto, Lindsay H, Tara Boylan-Worley, Laurie Wilson, Bonnie Dahl-Rediske, Angie Ransom-Brown, Peter Chace, Angela Akinniyi, Beth Kocher Randolph, Patti Pacer, Jodi L Smith Kozloff and Janece Gavaletz

December 23, 2011: Mandy Pedigo, Richell Brown, Tiffany Hancock, Della Hicks, Diana Maccallini-Fike, Jennifer Kennedy Davis, Tiffany Crosby, Karen Allen-Goodwin, Erica Wray, Tabatha Campbell, Dari Wagner and Crystal Green!

The Grand Prize Winner is….. Amy Childs! Congratulations Amy! Your $200 gift card and Healthe Trim gift box is in the mail! We hope you will stay in touch and let us know how things are going!

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