When you deal with weight loss and the thousands of hurdles people face with regard to getting on the right track, there is nothing more disconcerting than the “excuse.”   Let’s face it, when it comes to your health, there is no excuse but to try your best.  But strangely enough, the largest hurdle and the lamest excuse that I run into, town after town, is “skepticism.”


Before I get too far into my rant here, let me give you a little background:  When Healthy Life Sciences was founded, it was established based upon the simple premise that I personally discovered the right combination of natural ingredients to help turn my own life around and then decided to quit my job, managing millions of dollars for some of the wealthiest people in America, to promote what I knew to be the healthiest weight loss tool ever introduced to the marketplace.  When I told my portfolio of investors that I was quitting, they thought I was crazy and did not believe me when it came to Healthe Trim and how it would revolutionize the world of weight loss.


So, I was given a challenge.  It was quite simple, take on a dozen of the most skeptical radio personalities in the country, tell them about Healthe Trim, and its revolutionary formula of ingredients and get them to lose weight.  I was told that I would be lucky if I convinced 1 person that my idea was pursuing.


At the end of thirty days, not only did I have all 12 of my “skeptics” losing weight, I had my hands on the greatest testimonials I could possibly find to launch this company.  Today, we have over 120 radio personalities taking Healthe Trim and to this minute, everyone is losing weight, everyone is still taking not only Healthe Trim every day, but any combination of the other Healthy Life Sciences family of nutritional resources.


So, when I run into somebody new who tells me, “I want to try it, but I am skeptical,”   Do you know what I say?


“Well, I see you take weight loss serious enough to drink diet sodas in lieu of non-sugar free drinks.   Have you taken the time to weigh the pros and cons of that?  Are you skeptical in any way about the sugar substitutes and the affects those have on your body?



I appreciate the natural tendency of any responsible person to look at the details of anything that they put into their body, particularly nutritional supplements.   But the information is out there.  The testimonials are out there.  And, even more importantly, the information about living an overweight lifestyle is out there too; and so are the testimonials of countless people who have seen the absolute worst side of living an unhealthy lifestyle.  It’s ok to be skeptical, but it is not an excuse.

Matthew Dwyer
Founder of Healthe Trim

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